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We Power Campaigns

Get the right data, at the right time, from the right place. Everytime. We bring intuitive, high-level, political campaign and research tools to our clients. Anywhere, anytime.

Voter Demographic Info

Constantly updated based on active jurisdiction.

Detailed Searches

Create, visualize and save detailed voter searches using data points that really matter.

Key Performance Indicators

Time left in campaign, Number of Volunteers, Number of active GOTVs, Campaign progress.

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Elect@ provides campaign software that enables you to make the right decisions on where and when you spend your time and money. Find, group and contact voters all with the same platform.

  • Visualize Victory
  • Identify Voters
  • Reach Out
  • Get Results

Get the Results You Want

We combine a unique visualization system that allows the user to view the data they want to see clearly, at any geographic or elected area, on the screen with just a couple clicks.

Get On-The-Go Apps

Get optimized routes for walking groups available in the Elect@ Volunteer app. All features available on-the-go for any screen size in the Elect@ app.