Elect@ - Reach Out

Reach Out

Data is no good unless you can act on it. Our built-in contact tools over voter outreach in multiple different ways, and are seamlessly connected to our main platform to offer ease of use and immediate access to the data you collect. Whether you are knocking on doors, making calls, dropping voicemails or taking surveys; you never have to leave Elect@ to put your data into action or to see the results of your efforts.

Contact Tools

Run all of your Volunteer Calling, Robo Calling, Robo Surveying and Door Knocking campaigns from one place, and see detailed returns on current activity. Volunteers can engage in calling programs through the platform right from their computer or through their phone.

Survey Creator

Use our in-system survey builder to create dynamic surveys for every voter based on previously gathered information as well as how they answer questions in the survey while taking it.

Survey Results

Turn any data list into interactive and intuitive analytics with our built in analytics system. Clear, concise graphs and charts that convey what your data means in the most optimal way possible.