Elect@ - About Us

About Us

Our goal is simple. We want to empower the best candidates and groups to win. Not just now, but in a sustainable way that enables quantifiable increases in efficiency and effectiveness with every campaign. We want to build an ecosystem that any candidate or cause can thrive in, learn from, and build upon for the long term.

Elect@ leadership brings a unique blend of political, business and tech expertise to the table. With experience in government, consulting, big business, tech entrepreneurship and political campaigning at every level from local to Presidential; we have the expertise to dig through the proverbial muck to find common sense solutions.

Get the Right Tools

Our goal is simple. Elect@ started with a simple premise. Other campaign tools were obtuse, insufficient, and unintuitive. Not every campaign can afford professional staff and expensive consultants to dig through the layers of data offered by most platforms in order to get to what really matters. At the same time, professionally staffed and organized campaigns should be spending their time acting on data and not parsing it. We decided to offer the best options for any type of campaign. Easily accessible and organized data that can be visualized and acted upon at a moment's notice, anytime, anywhere.